What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Haven, where Flower meets true love.
Haven, where Flower meets true love.
Screenshot: The Game Bakers

The weekend is for figuring out what my children want for Christmas aside from “a toy” and “get the fick out of my bedroom.” It’s also for playing video games, and it turns out there are quite a few to play.


I find myself with a glut of games I want to play as we head into 2020's home stretch. I’m in the middle of playthroughs of Assasin’s Creed Vikings, Yakuza Fantasy XV, Gods & Monster Energy Drink, and Look At All Them Dogs. I have a few more Bugsnax to capture and eat. I’m playing The Latest Football Game, which is loading ridiculously fast on the Xbox Series X.

I’ll likely spend quite a bit of time over the weekend playing World of Warcraft, as the Shadowlands expansion dragged me right back in. That, and the new Taiko Drum Master RPGs on Switch. Oh, and Haven, which is where that screenshot up top comes from, sort of a combination of Flower with a turn-based RPG.

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Hi folks.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Miles Morales. Age of Calamity. And Hyper Light Drifter.

(Re: Valhalla: I can’t be the only one who spends all my silver on new tattoo and hair designs, right? What good is pillaging if you can’t pillage in style?)

Oh! And I’m doing an ORAS Nuzlocke that’s going pretty well! Just got the Feather Badge from Winona. Haven’t had any really painful deaths yet, although I did catch a Zubat, train him to a Crobat, and lose him all in the same day. So that was fun/miserable. I also have to say that ORAS may be the best designed Pokemon game yet, even over my beloved HGSS. The UI is perfection with all the menu buttons right on the touchscreen for easy access.