What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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This weekend is for rummaging around my closets to see if I have anything I can sell only so I can afford the PlayStation 5 I pre-ordered. It’s also for starfighting in starfighters.

Yeah, I’ll be playing Star Wars: Squadrons all weekend long. Might even break out my Thrustmaster flight stick. Why didn’t EA license authentic Star Wars flight yokes for this release? I wonder if I can tear apart my Star Wars arcade machine and cobble something together.

If Star Wars gets boring, I’ve still yet to pull the trigger on Hades, which people seem to like around here. I’m not a roguelike guy, but I am a professional bandwagon jumper, so we’ll see.


What are you playing this weekend?

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I’ve really just wanted to spend the weekend playing video games and laying about, but I then said I’d fix a chair for someone and agreed to help move some lumber with a friend. I at least hope that I can get some logs that I can mill up into boards. That would be fun, but only if its a hardwood. If its just something like pine thats not worth it. When I do get the chance, Hades, Mario 3d All Stars, and Goemon 64. I’ve gotten past the temple to the second phase of the boss, but not consistently. I get tripped up in Elysuim a lot by goddamn Theseus. I’ve played around with some of the weapons a bit more. I’m not really a fan of the bow and the sword. They are just too slow for my tastes. The spear, fists, and gun are great, and the shield was surprisingly fun too.