What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Just hanging out.
Just hanging out.
Screenshot: Sega

Remember when we could all hang out on busy city streets with our time-displaced friends in 1985 Japan? That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. How about you?


It’s time for me to finish the fight in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. I’ve got the English language patch installed, I’ve got plenty of snacks, and I plan to be completely finished with the game before Monday rolls around again. Will I get distracted by Avengers, those 3D Mario re-releases, or Hades? Probably! Will I actually finish Aegis Rim by Monday? Not at all. My intentions, however, are rock solid, at least for the next 20 minutes or so.

So tell us. What are you playing this weekend?

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Hello folks. It’s been awhile for me in this thread. Hope everyone’s keeping well.

So despite having a LOL backlog I naturally got Super Mario 3D All-Stars. I got the 120th star in Mario 64 last night, so I am finally free from the evils of Bowser and the camera. Now I’ve moved on to Sunshine for my first time ever! This is pretty fun so far! Why did it get so much hate back in the day?

I also started Hades (because again, despite having a LOL backlog etc etc.) and that’s kinda neat. It’s my first ever roguelike. I should probably also finally go into Shinra HQ because—yes folks—I’m still on my first playthrough of FF7r (Listen, I get distracted easily).

Last week I returned hard to Yoshi’s Crafted World, and my god does that game become a legit Yoshi game after the first boss. There’s also a near-overwhelming number of things to do; I could do without the crazy number of craft hunts.

My Switch is basically a tv-only device now because both my pairs of joycons have unmanageable levels of drift. To anyone who has gotten theirs replaced, any advice on that process?