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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I would wear this outfit.
I would wear this outfit.
Screenshot: 2K

The weekend is for doing things in video games you would never do in real life. Like shooting people, crashing cars, or playing golf.


I am a video game golfer. I like the idea of using a stick to hit a ball into a hole very far away. It’s all the other stuff involved in golf I hate. Walking, being out in the sunlight for long periods, more walking, waiting for other people to hit balls with sticks—that stuff is for chumps and high ranking government officials trying to avoid issues. Give me something like PGA Tour 2K21 any day. Hell, give me Hot Shots Golf. Mario Golf. Whatever golf. I love it. Just not for real.

What are you folks playing?

Kotaku elder, lover of video games, keyboards, toys, snacks, and other unsavory things.

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Ethan Gach

Alright let’s see.

Things I need to catch up on: Monster Train, Popup Dungeon, Fae Tactics.

Things I need to finish: Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us Part 2, FFVII Remake.

Things I’m checking out for work: Frostpunk DLC, Factorio. 

Retro stuff I have on tap but will probably not get to: SMT Nocturne, Culdcept, Blue Dragon.