What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Screenshot: Steam

The weekend is for maybe baking another cake, which I did last weekend, only to end up with far too much cake, just like last weekend. It’s also for playing video games while the cake cools.


I’m really excited to play Roki, a folklore adventure game that came out this week. I got excited about it after seeing the screenshot above, which looks so much like a church I saw at a historic building museum when I was in Oslo. It was such an immense moment to be wandering this outdoor museum alone on a snowy early morning and to come into this clearing with this huge, gorgeous building. I spent ages staring at the intricate woodwork, feeling like I’d come across some ancient secret instead of just an exhibit. I’m hoping Roki will give me that same feeling again.

What about you? What are you playing?



I’m playing the game called “packing”. So far I’ve started with the office and hope to get to the living room tomorrow.

But other than that, more Ghost of Tsushima. And I finally put my finger on why I keep going back to it for another session. This is Red Dead Redemption in terms of the pace and mission markers. Even the ride and talks feel like Red Dead. But the only difference is the Far Cry elements in crafting and, you know, samurai stuff. But when my mind clicked on the Red Dead similarity, I was okay with it.

Have a good weekend!