What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Lonely Mountains: Downhill
Lonely Mountains: Downhill
Screenshot: Steam

The weekend is for actually cleaning the house for real I swear. The weekend is also for playing video games instead of cleaning the house.


I’m planning to play some Lonely Mountains: Downhill this weekend, in a desperate bid to feel like I’m outside. Remember going outside? I’m also going to explore Apex Legends’ new map a bit more, and spend far too long debating whether to buy more turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons this week or finally free myself from the torments of fate.

What about you? What are you playing?


Faux Bravo

I hit chapter 16 in Uncharted 2 last night. I might wrap that up tonight and then I can get cracking on Uncharted 3. So plenty of Uncharted for sure. I thought I had forgotten everything about UC2 (except the llamas), but it’s been coming back to me as I go. Everything is actually very familiar now.

My Overwatch placement matches have gone significantly better than the preceding few weeks, so maybe I can climb again? We’ll see. It’s been rocky and a small win streak doesn’t mean anything.

Also, some friends have been playing a ton of Path of Exile, so I’ll probably play around with that a bit. I haven’t played in years and I never got very far. But I rolled a witch and I’m in Act 2. It’s a fun game if a little overwhelming. I kinda don’t like that I’m gonna have to apparently spend time doing research so I don’t botch my character. That seems excessive. Maybe I can just wing it.