What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Screenshot: Steam

The weekend is for having gotten a trial Showtime subscription, so binging all those tv shows everyone was talking about years ago. It’s also for playing video games.


I’m excited to play Cloudpunk, a cyberpunk driving game that came out yesterday. Also, my internet bugged out while watching last night’s Fortnite event, but the couple minutes I managed to make it into the game were yet another reminder of how behind I am on my battle pass. All that stuff I’m never going to wear won’t earn itself.


What about you? What are you playing?

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Yankton, née Spacemonkey Mafia

I finally picked up Control and was super enthusiastic to start it after all the positive reaction it received. The brutalist architecture aesthetic and Twin Peaks-y discomfiting but clinical supernaturalism really spoke my language.

I’m quite a few hours in, and while I’m still having fun, but I’m let down by the disparity between concept and execution. For such a rich premise, the whole game has essentially boils down to “read a spooky memo, then shoot a room full of generic, gun-wielding bad guys”. It’s squandered potential. The abilites feel good and the shooting is tight, but I was hoping for something slightly more ambitious than a competent 3rd-person shooter with Lynchian window dressing. It is an instance where I hope the game is successful enough to merit a sequel that could fulfill the potential to go bigger and weirder.