What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for...staying inside, I guess. At least there’s lots of video games!


I’ve been really lax on keeping up with my Fortnite challenges, and I still really want that Meowscles skin. (Remember that? That feels like 100 years ago.) Some friends have been trying to get me to play Monster Hunter: World with them, so maybe I’ll bite the bullet on that too.

What about you? What are you playing?

(By the way, in the future, we’ll combine our Friday “How’s It Going?” thread with “What Are You Playing?” so we don’t ask you too many questions in a day!)

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Alexandra Hall

The recent release of a very nice new port of Doom 64 for Switch (and PS4) has me swearing anew that I will finally make substantial inroads and see it through to completion.

I’m kind of puzzled by the motion control though, I expected them to be more intuitive + responsive or something. Unsure if I should play with the joy-cons attached via the controller adapter thingy or hold them apart. The former really makes motion control more awkward so next session I’ll go back to split.

I really want it to work as I don’t want to play a classic Doom aiming with just an analog stick (barbaric!).