What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Can I offer you a nice Geralt in this trying time?
Can I offer you a nice Geralt in this trying time?
Screenshot: The Witcher 3

The weekend is for making some more bread. I made an actual successful loaf of bread last weekend and I’m totally roaring with confidence to try some new recipes. (Did that sound convincing?) Bread needs a lot of time to do its solo bread magic thing, so that’s plenty of time to play video games while I wait.


It seems like a good time to catch up with some of my friends in online games like Overwatch, so I plan to do some of that. I recently convinced a friend to buy The Witcher 3 for her Switch, which reminded me that no matter what happens in this world, we always have Bathtub Geralt. Is my NG+ nigh, at long last?

What are you playing? And how are you doing? The world is pretty intense right now; I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves and each other, and finding some joy where you can. I think there’s still a lot of it out there, even if it’s hard to see right now.

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Planning to finally force myself to finish KH3 on critical. I feel like doing the DLC stuff on my old Proud file is cheating. Game is super duper hard, and all of my deaths have been my own doing for sure (despite how much I blame it on the controller)

Just about to finish up a replay of DooM 2016 to get ready for Eternal. Game still holds up, and it feels so nice to play it on a new rig.

I need to get into the Trails series, but each game is so pricey. I’m worried if I get Trails in the Sky I’ll get sucked into buying the other *six* games.