What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for finally fixing my endlessly running toilet, a process internet videos say is very easy but has thusfar involved me opening the toilet tank, staring in confusion, and then closing the tank again. The weekend is also for playing video games while I avoid this task.

I’m excited to check out Mosaic now that it’s on Steam. (Full disclosure: I hung out with some of the folks who made it when I went to Oslo last year, who very kindly did not mock my tourist-y obsession with going to the Fram Museum so I could climb around on Nansen’s boat.) I also badly need to play Disco Elysium, which I keep hearing is so good but which I haven’t yet made time for.

What about you? What are you playing?

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Had to be in crazy early to work in the middle of the week, and it has completely thrown my schedule off. I’m looking forward to try and capture a Gigantimax Snorlax this weekend in Pokemon Shield. I’m only at the start of the 3rd gym right now, so I’m barely along in the story. I’m finding the game to be much more of a challenge than Sun and Moon where. I really enjoy the ability to access the pc boxes from anywhere. I feel much more likely to experiment with new pokemon than sticking with a tried and true team. I also had to resist the urge to use a Butterfree, since one of those was brick house of an anchor for me in X&Y. I liked how Butterfrees looked in that version. Their wing patterns were much more different and dynamic. I picked up Bastion last week on the switch cause it was on sale. I love that game so much. While I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion, Bastion was one of those games for me that really showed how indie games could give just as impactful experiences as bigger triple A games. It was Bastion, Braid, and Super Meat Boy for me. Now if only Pyre was on the Switch too.
I’m also going to pick up Control. I know extremely little about it, and that combined with the word of mouth has me really excited. I’ve heard it supposed to look great, but I’m worried that my computer only hits the min specs. Having an older computer and not really wanting to spend my gaming time at my desk have been huge factors for driving me away from pc gaming the past few years. I hope that I can get through it with a good gameplay experience. I’ve also want to get into my workshop this weekend and finish up some projects. I’ve got a stand that I started a few weeks ago to complete and finish, some card scrappers I want to tune, and I’d like to practice my dovetails. I feel bad because I got a wonderful dozuki saw and dovetail jig for Christmas last year, but really haven’t used them. I might go out and get some hardwood scraps so I have some good contrasting pieces.