What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for having finally gotten certified to belay people in rock climbing, so skulking around the gym looking for people to belay. It’s also for playing video games.


I’m looking forward to playing more Overland, as well as more Untitled Goose Game. They’ve both been fun to have on my Switch: easy to play quick rounds of and just the right visual size to feel nice on my screen. I also really need to get serious about playing through Control; I keep finding it too creepy to play for long periods of time, especially late at night, but I really want to make more progress.

What about you? What are you playing?

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Very Picard Voice: Belay that climber!

Tomorrow is for an all day puzzle crawl, Dash 11 (Different Area, Same Hunt; playdash.org) followed by the Downton movie with friends. Dash is always a mind melting fun experience, and I’ve been studying up on cryptic crosswords to prepare (going to Puzzled Pint every month always helps, too), and hopefully the weather cooperates.

After that, it’ll be playing more Star Wars Battlefront II space battles to try to git gud, and then the Titanfall 2 campaign. I finished AC odyssey in just under 200 hours, so I’m trying to play shorter games for the near future.