What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for lying in my bed, recovering from my recent surgery and marveling that Riley MacLeod took a Friday off, leaving it to me write the “What Are You Playing This Weekend” post. It’s also for getting to know interesting new characters in video games!


This weekend I’ll be following the advice of Heather Alexandra and Tim Rogers, wallowing in the trashy goodness of Devil May Cry 5 with my new best friend, Nico. She reminds me of a young, country-fried Marisa Tomei, as if she stayed in the South after My Cousin Vinny. I shall also be indulging in Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn because Kirby is king and we must all bow.

What about you? What are you playing?

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Final Fantasy VI on PC! Maybe. I’m working on leveling everyone right now and it’s such a tedious process that I’ve been putting it off. I basically have the Fanatics Tower, Kefka Tower, Doma Castle and the GBA extras to go through, all of which require some leveling before I proceed. Killing the same groups of enemies over and over is just...boring.

Playing through the classic makes me realize how much I miss Persona 5 and some of its improvements on the turn based formula. Plus Persona’s gameplay loop is just more fun. I still have a NG+ game on that, maybe I’ll go back to that instead.