What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for snow! Which means it’s the perfect time to make some soup and play some video games!

I am still playing Red Dead Redemption 2. Are you? I’ve pretty much given up on ever finishing and am now working on making my peace with that.

I’m also going to spend some time practicing my building in Fortnite. Recently I’ve been playing squads with strangers, which is a lot more fun than my usual habit of playing solo and getting eliminated almost instantly. But playing with others makes my complete lack of building skills frighteningly apparent, so it’s probably time to rectify that. I’ve never really practiced a video game skill before. Do you have any advice? And let me know what you’re playing this weekend!

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Randy Randerson

I’m having that exact feeling with RDR2, and it’s a struggle. I’m most of the way through Chapter 3, and at this point I’m almost purely focusing on story quests, which helps a bit. But I’ve been getting the itch to play other big recent games like AC Odyssey, and I know as soon as I pull that RDR2 disc from the PS4, I’m probably just never going to put it back in. I respect the game and want to see how its story ends, but that’s different from enjoying it, and it makes me feel conflicted about the game. Part of the issue is that the game is way too goddamn long - there’s very little reason for any game outside of a story-heavy RPG to take 60-70 hours just to get through the story, and I just don’t think that RDR2's plot (being criminals sure makes life hard and sad) has done enough to justify that time commitment as I’m nearing the halfway point.

(I recently heard the statistic that only about 10% of players saw the ending of the first RDR, which I find really surprising - my memory of that game feels so much more efficient and streamlined in comparison, with a stronger character motivation to pull you through the game. Makes me think that less than 5% of RDR2 players will make it to the end)