Sometimes, when Saturday morning rolls around, I think, “Oh boy—two whole days to do all the work I didn’t get to during the week!” I’m like that, readers. But, since I work at Kotaku, sometimes that work is playing video games!

I’m just going to admit that I’ll be playing some Overwatch, because I have A Problem. (If you too have this problem, did you see the awesome Overwatch cosplay from our cosplay ball with io9 last night?) I also have plans to play some Sunless Sea so I can re-familiarize myself with it before the DLC comes out next week. I’m going to mess around in Hitman some more. I also badly need to play more Elite Dangerous since I finally set up the flight stick I bought ages ago. It’s like a whole new game now (by which I mean, oh no what do all these buttons do?! Oh no I crashed into the sun!).


So that’s my weekend sorted. What about you?

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