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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It’s July, a great time for fireworks, cowboys and Canadian power-pop supergroups. It’s also a long weekend, which means it’s a great time to play some games.


I’ll do my games first: I’m kinda bummed out by The Division expansion, so I probably won’t play much more of that. I’ll almost certainly play more Overwatch, because I hit that game on the reg at this point. I want to play some Valhalla (AKA VA-11 Hall-A) because Cecilia says it’s cool, and I’m also interested in the System Shock Remake Demo that so many people (including Patrick) have been talking about. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of Hitman elusive targets I’ll almost surely attempt the one that will be running over the weekend, too.

That’s me. How about you? What are you playing this weekend?

Kotaku Editor-at-Large

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Phantom Banger

I decided to give Dragon Age Inquisition another chance seeing as it was quite cheap. I remember it being really boring because the combat wasn’t great and the story felt really slow.
This time I took the advice to leave the Hinterlands as soon as possible and the story and other characters kind of save it. I get that the big complaint about the 2nd game was it being super linear and closed off, but I feel they went TOO big on the open world for the initial area of the game. Enjoying it at the moment though.

Also just got Star Ocean in the post. The last one was the first I ever played and I loved it. I know other people say it was awful, but I have no point of comparison and enjoyed it quite a lot. I’m enjoying the new one now too, but I definitely see the problem with the camera, it’s a really weird thing for them not to have sorted. I really hope they patch that ASAP. Even with lowering sensitivity it’s quite bad, but we’ll see how the game is as a whole soon enough! So yeah, that’s my weekend plan :p