What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Friday: A perfect time for us to talk about how Mei is bae. (Because she is.)

Hi! Normally Kirk Hamilton does the weekend ‘Tell Us’ posts, but since he’s on sabbatical for May, you’re all stuck with me this month. Don’t worry, I too play video games. I just happen to also have strong opinions about cute characters...


So then, about this weekend. I think I’m going to spend most of it playing the Overwatch beta, as I am totally obsessed with it. I’m maining D.VA and Lucio the most right now, but I haven’t gotten a chance to try out all the characters just yet. I love that each and every character has something about them that seems cool though, and so far I am impressed with how easy it is to pick everyone up. I have a feeling Overwatch is going to blow up as the next big Social Game That Everyone Is Playing. (You can watch us play a few matches of it here, if you’d like.)

I’ll probably poke around a bit in Uncharted 4 as well, since I am curious about Nathan Drake’s big finale. Kotaku will be streaming the first hour or so of the game on Monday, FYI!

What will you guys play this weekend?

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