It’s the end of the week. And the end of the month! That’s a lot of endings, which hopefully paves the way for an equal number of beginnings. Time to begin… some games!

(Damn, that was a tortured lede.)

I’m on the cusp of an extended vacation, during which time I’m sure I will miss you all terribly. I’m going to be traveling this weekend but if I weren’t traveling, here’s what I’d be playing: I really want to spend some time with the new VR game The Climb, which just came out for Oculus Rift and is apparently very cool. As Riley and I discussed earlier this week, I’m falling ever more in love with Hitman 6: This Time It’s Hitman, and want to find a bunch of new ways to kill the targets in the new Italian Villa level. I’m about to beat the last couple bosses in Dark Souls 3, though last night I actually rolled a new character in Bloodborne and I believe that once I finish Dark Souls I will actually replay that game in order to play the DLC without having to tackle it on NG+. There’s also more The Banner Saga 2, which I’ve liked from the small amount I’ve played.


For one last Friday before I’m gone for a while, tell me: What are you playing this weekend?

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