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​What Are You Playing This Month?

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August: It's not just the name of a month, it's a word that means "respected and impressive."


This August, we hold our gaming devices like the august men and women we are, ready to play some video games while sitting next to the air conditioner. It's the last deep breath before the fall rush begins, and so we can take some time to catch up on older stuff.

What are you playing this month? Mobile games, PC games, games on consoles or tablets or handhelds? Games in the yard, board games with friends, games of fetch with your golden retriever? Sound off below with what you've been playing, and how it's been treating you.


As usual, I've been dabbling with a bunch of different games, and the image up top gives me a sense of one game I've found myself (re)playing with surprising dedication.

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I just finished my first Dark Souls playthrough a couple days ago and now I'm starting Kingdoms of Amalur. I've also been playing a lot of Titanfall with friends (got to play a few rounds on the new DLC last night) and I'm going to try out Strike Suit Zero once it finishes downloading.