What Are You Playing This April?

It’s April, the official month of dumb pranks, getting sick from too many Cadbury eggs, and spending an entire day smoking pot. Also, the official month of playing video games, because every month is the official month of playing video games!

The days are long as hell now, and up in Portland, it has finally started raining semi-regularly. I’m a big fan. Turns out April is also Jazz Appreciation Month, so maybe I’ll post some more jazz soundtrack posts in the weeks to come.


Anyway, before I ask what games you all have been playing, here’s what I’ve been up to:

First and foremost, I have been bewitched by Bloodborne. I’m deeper into this game than anything I’ve played since I can remember; it leaves me twitchy and overwhelmed. I’m almost done with my first playthrough, and will definitely be playing New Game+. After that… well, it’ll finally be time to play all the way through Dark Souls and the new version of Dark Souls II. (I played chunks of both of those, but never finished—apparently the Dark Souls II expansion is great?)

On top of that, I’m on hold with both Assassin’s Creed: Rogue and Metroid Prime but will be back as soon as I’m done hunting Yharnam’s beasts, and I’ll be back with Pillars of Eternity and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as well. Plenty of other smaller games in the cracks, but those are the big ones.

Okay, your turn. What are you playing this April?

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