What Are Ya Buyin’?

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Bienvenidos, Kotaku. I trust you had an enjoyable three-day weekend, should you happen to be a resident of these United States. If not, then I apologize. Let's get right to it. It's Tuesday (yes!) which means we got a themed open thread on our hands.


It's been a while since I asked you about the recent purchases of your lives. Did you buy a new car? A house? A bunch of organic bananas? What about some great video game purchases? Brag about them (or publicly regret them) in the comments below!

I'm saving money for a home, so my most recent noteworthy purchase was a pair of tickets to see Thor. And food. I am still eating.

Feel free to talk about anything, including some of these things.


DC going day and date digital from all it's print books is the best thing any comic book publisher has done from a publishing standpoint in some time.

The rebooting could be interesting if they don't get rid of too much of the history. The Justice League definitely needs an up to date origin story, and having it done by Johns and Lee seems about as good as it can get, but by all that is holy if you don't use this perfect opportunity to just frickin' put Grant Morrison on an ongoing Superman book, then you are all fools. Seriously, if that were to happen then the entire rest of the relaunch could fail and it would all be worth it. I mean, I hope it doesn't, but seriously, Grant Morrison has written most if not all of the best Superman stories I have read in the last 10+ years, who could possibly be better for the book? (It'd be nice if he could also stay on Batman and still write his Multiversity book as well, but he IS just one man. )

The only other thing that really MUST be done is to keep Batman's origin as Batman: Year One. A better one can not be written and it would be foolish to try. Otherwise, I actually look forward to this. With good creative talent, this could be interesting. If this is why Azzarello was so big on Flashpoint (which is a very odd thing for him) then I'd guess he's gotta be involved with something, somewhere, so that's another thing to get excited about.

Aside from that, other things I would like to see out of this(although they may be a longer shot) a new Blue Beetle book and Morrison's Frankenstein getting a book.