What About Mexico? China? Brazil?

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For several years now, Japanese developers have realized that there are bigger markets outside Japan — namely, the U.S. and Europe. Isn't that limiting?


In his new "Itagaki's Thought" column, former Ninja Gaiden designer and currently Valhalla Game Studios developer Tomonobu Itagaki is looking at the bigger picture.

"I'm doubtful about the Japanese game industry's stance these days," he writes. "Many say things like, 'How do we sell games to Americans?', 'What games sell well in Europe?', and 'How we should face the world as Japanese?'"


"However, to me, that just seems to be narrowing down one's own market," he continues. "I would like to ask, but what about Moscow? How about China? Mexico? Or even Sicily? Brazil?"

According to Itagaki, "I've always been of the belief that there's no nationality to entertainment. You need to make a game for everyone on Earth, one that anyone can enjoy. I have lived for a long time thinking this way, and it's only getting stronger."

Bet those living outside the U.S. and Europe are happy to hear that at least one game developer understands that the audience for games is truly global.

Valhalla Studios also has interview with some of the studios' programmers — all of which were programmers or lead programmers at Tecmo.


Valhalla Game Studios | Itagaki's [Valhalla Thanks, Matt!] [Pic]

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I'm from Africa, (south africa) and i'm guessing people think we live in the jungle and lions roam the streets.

We are essentially a 1st world country, we just have a lot of people living in poverty. As far as technology goes, we have everything everyone in Europe and so forth has. PS3, Xbox, and wii. Even though the wii is ridiculously overpriced. Costs more than an xbox.

Anyway, we play the same games as everyone else. pretty much what does well overseas does well here. Our release dates are about the same as in Europe. We are Zone 2, like the UK. If something's banned there, we are likely not to get the game, liiike Manhunt 2.