One of the most fascinating video game dead ends in recent years has been the fact that, up until a few years ago, a Swedish developer was working on a big-money Final Fantasy game.


While the project was ultimately cancelled, and in a very messy way, it still tickles a lot of people's "what if" nerves. What would a Western Final Fantasy game have felt like? Played like?

Who knows! We'll never know, that's for sure. What we do know is what it might have looked like, courtesy of this concept art, and now what it could have sounded like, courtesy of the music video posted above.


The piece above was composed by Erik Thunberg, and while it doesn't specifically mention the cancelled game - known as Fortress - the presence of already-seen concept art on his website, a hint of Final Fantasy's prelude score making and the fact Thunberg used to be Grin's music director gives the game away.

[thanks Sourside21!]

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