What A Call of Duty In Vietnam Could've Looked Like

Remember when rumors were swirling about a Call of Duty game set during the Vietnam War?


In 2010, when it seemed like Activision was going to Southeast Asia, the publisher delivered the first Black Ops (which featured a handful of missions set in Vietnam) instead. That game was darkly paranoid but now-circulating concept art, spotted by IGN, shows how the scuttled Vietnam game might have wound up even more foreboding.

Created by artist Eddie Del Rio, whose work we've featured here on Kotaku previously, the three images show a village locale, crashing airplane and what are presumably enemy troops in hazy jungle environments. Recent reports revealed Activision dev studio Sledgehammer—who are the lead creators of this year's Advanced Warfare—had been working on a demo for the Vietnam game. Players are used to the annual shootfests being glossy, setpiece-filled affairs, which makes the prospect of a darker, Apocalypse Now-influenced Call of Duty game feel a little bit intriguing.


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