Whac-a-Mole's Inventor Linked to Weird Experimental Fuel Explosion

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This happened in Florida, of course, where Aaron Fechter, creator of Whac-a-Mole and Chuck E. Cheese's "Rock-a-Fire Explosion" animatronic band, owns a warehouse. On Thursday, it went kaboom, and cops say an experimental fuel called "Carbohydrillium" is to blame.


No one was injured in the blast, but it shook downtown Orlando and shut down train service for several hours as police and firefighters cleared and secured the area. The Orlando Sentinel reported that a tank full of experimental fuel—which a fire official said was similar to butane, and compressed inside a helium tank—had failed, causing the explosion. The assisant fire chief still doesn't know what was inside the cylinder, exactly.

While Fechter couldn't be reached, the Sentinel noted that he himself is an advocate of the fuel, saying in an interview last year that he was dabbling in its use. The YouTube video below shows a steak being cooked over a carbohydrillium gas flame. In addition to being green and lower pollution, carbohydrillium's fans say it "injects water into the food while boiling out the grease," allegedly making steak super tasty.

Check out the link for more, including one hell of a scene-setter in the lede paragraph, about a samaritan running to the blast to help survivors and finding the bizarre body parts of Fechter's animatronic bands among the rubble.

Orlando explosion caused by experimental fuel in vacant warehouse [Orlando Sentinel]

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"Carbohydrillium"? Really? This whole thing sounds mildly absurd, like it's the plot from a Saturday morning action adventure cartoon. Seriously, cue one of the Joes asking a rescued scientist "So what does Cobra want with the Carbo-whatsit anyway?"