We've Hit Our Metal Gear Solid Cosplay Quota

And our Dead Space helmet contest is off and running — better yet, off and hiding. It already seems like we gotten all the Metal Gear Solid entries we'll ever ever need. Pictured is Kyle's entry of himself dressed as MGS3's Naked Snake... at what looks like a train station. Hit the jump for entries from another Kotakuite named Kyle (no relation!) as Raiden and Ben as Big Boss. And yes, the date on the camera is wrong. The contest: Dress-up like a game character (any game character is okay!) and send along a picture of you holding up a Kotaku sign to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom with the subject line Cosplay Contest. Please do not send photos of Kotaku signs Photoshopped in. The deadline is November 1st. The winner will be selected by Kotakuland and get this helmet. Happy Halloween to everyone and all that crap!


Dead Space [Official Site]

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