What The Great War In Fallout Is All About

It's October 23, which means we're now exactly 63 years away from Fallout's Great War, the Very Special Saturday in which every nuclear nation in the world fired all of their missiles at once. Good times all around.


To celebrate this pre-anniversary, the funny people at Dorkly shot this neat video containing some brief history on the Great War. Did you know that every clock in Fallout 3 is stopped at exactly 9:47? I certainly did not.

Meanwhile, uh, if Bethesda wants to surprise us all with a Fallout 4 announcement, we'll take it. Seriously. Any time now.



Wow I had no idea. I never paid attention to the time Fallout takes place, but I assumed it was an alternate history of WWII because the music was from the 1930s.