That PS Vita TV sure is a neat little device, huh? The device is hitting Japan this November and will be released elsewhere in Asia next January. But what about the West?

In a recent roundtable Kotaku attended at Sony's Tokyo headquarters, Masayasu Ito said, "Western gamers want [the PS Vita TV] more than we thought."

Ito added that Sony was thinking about launching the PS Vita TV in the West, but Sony needed to first determine the best timing to release something like this. Ito noted that they might need to add new elements to the Vita TV. "For example," Ito continued, stressing he was speaking hypothetically, "cloud gaming."

But if Sony does decide to release the Vita TV in the West, it needs to figure out the best approach, whether that's adding new features or launching as is. "We have to decide all of this before launching," Ito said.


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