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"Western Games Are More Advanced Than Japanese"

Illustration for article titled Western Games Are More Advanced Than Japanese

Gloom and doom time. Well, for Japanese game developers. While the country's game makers seems to be down on themselves of late, it's hard to separate that from stereotypical Japanese humility and plain old self-realization. Here's Genji developer Game Republic head and former Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto talking about whether Japan can catch up with the West:

It's almost too late. During the Famicom (NES) era, Japanese video games comprised 70 percent of all video games. And currently, it's like 15 or 20 percent, isn't it? Now, Western games are more advanced. For games like GTAIV, those guys are spending something like 5 or 10 years to make them. Even if we thought about catching up with them now, they'd still be making progress. But, not necessarily giving up, it's just not possible to catch up in a single lifetime.


Man, that Okamoto, talk about a downer. Chin up, Japan, chin up. 「日本はもうゲーム先進国ではない」 [IT Media via 痛いニュース] [Pic]

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Wow Okamoto, way to put forth a wimpy wimpy defeatist statement... your samurai ancestors are not impressed.

Look on the bright side, Japan has something America is only recently catching up to.. and that's rabid gamer fanaticism. America's entertainment industry was mostly dominated by the movie industry up until recently. In Japan and Korea video games have been king since the Famicon days.

Yes, there are less games coming out of Japan than "the west" by comparison but you're not taking into account all the other companies developing video games now... Including whole countries that have government support to do so (e-hem...korea, scotland).

Japan's always been a country which fosters innovation fearlessly. The problem is, they're going through a lot of sociological issues right now. I think as soon as your women find suitable husbands, birthrates improve, everyone gets an affordable roof over their head, and job security gets better.. Japan will emerge again as -the- video game mecca. IN THIS LIFETIME!