West Getting Unedited Version of MGS: Peace Walker

Stealth game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a T-rated game in North America. The means it is suitable for kids 13-years-old-and-over. Japan, however, has a different rating system. Time to get out the scissors to cut things out.

Peace Walker has a C-rating in Japan (15-years-old-and-up) and to prevent the game from getting a 17-and-up rating and so that younger players can play the game, Peace Walker designer Hideo Kojima tweeted that the developers did things like make the game blood-free.


One "absolutely standard bit" for the Metal Gear Solid series, however, had to be cut so that the game could get the C-rating. Thus, for the Japanese version of the game, that part had to be changed. For the North American and European versions, the scene appears as originally intended.

That's a shame for Japanese players.

日本語版『メタルギアソリッドピースウォーカー』はあるシーンが修正されているらしい [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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