West Getting Unedited Version of MGS: Peace Walker

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Stealth game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a T-rated game in North America. The means it is suitable for kids 13-years-old-and-over. Japan, however, has a different rating system. Time to get out the scissors to cut things out.


Peace Walker has a C-rating in Japan (15-years-old-and-up) and to prevent the game from getting a 17-and-up rating and so that younger players can play the game, Peace Walker designer Hideo Kojima tweeted that the developers did things like make the game blood-free.

One "absolutely standard bit" for the Metal Gear Solid series, however, had to be cut so that the game could get the C-rating. Thus, for the Japanese version of the game, that part had to be changed. For the North American and European versions, the scene appears as originally intended.


That's a shame for Japanese players.

日本語版『メタルギアソリッドピースウォーカー』はあるシーンが修正されているらしい [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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This is solid proof that they are trying to literally scoop up as many fans as possible at some sacrifice to the core itself domestically.

Though with all thats been invested into said game plus the cooperation of Capcom I can see why in some sense.

If they make this successful in Japan in terms of sales numbers I could imagine would have more cooperation between the two companies which is a good thing for everyone basically.

As much as the idea of content being cut does not sit well with some.

Granted most who would be "bitching" here Id have to say are folks that dont even live in Japan so its not like their opinions would matter anyways.

Im just curious to know what exactly was cut. Though am quite surprised that Kojima had decided to make the change considering how he always likes to have his vision pushed through regardless of what others think. Well not exactly Kojima but he would have to agree upon said decision to some extent. Seeing how its more of a business move than a design one guess its not all that big of a surprise...

Regardless though the main meat of the game will be from the multiplayer aspect Id imagine so only those who are what would be considered "hardcore fans" would be up in arms about this.

Though whats funny about the rating is that generally MGS games do not have high amounts of gore or anything thats really all that bad when put into comparison with other games, so could imagine that its perhaps just a too highly sensitive rating board that also could have forced the hand to cut said content.