This is not sarcastic excitement. Every since I was assigned to review the original back in 2009, Nintendo’s fashion design series has been my jam, and Style Savvy: Fashion Forward looks to be the best of the bunch.

It’s character creation that never ends. Character creation that keeps adding new elements with each new iteration of the game. First you pick the avatar, then you pick the clothes. Then you pick the outfits. Suddenly you’re doing make-up, styling hair, designing new pieces.


Check out the new trailer, which filled me with anticipatory joy.

I strongly feel like this is the sort of game anyone could love, if they gave it a chance. It’s got elements of design, strategy, resource management. And hey, you can get character-themed clothing from your Amiibo. If you own Amiibo and don’t play Fashion Forward, then you aren’t getting the most out of your Amiibo, now are you?

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward arrives for North American 3DS on August 18. You don’t have to feel weird about liking it. I feel you.

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