We're One Step Closer To Hellraiser, Scream and Children Of The Corn Video Games

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Hungry for more video games based on Hollywood movies? Of course you are. Thankfully, The Weinstein Company, the production company started by Miramax founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein, is going to try its hand at making video games.

The Weinstein Company is responsible for properties like Hellraiser, Halloween, Scream, Scary Movie and Children of the Corn, horror flicks that have never been properly exploited in the video game space. (Sure, there was a Halloween game for the Atari 2600 and Color Dreams almost made a Hellraiser game for the NES...) That's going to change, if TWC has its way.

TWC says it will "work with external partners to develop and publish video games for mobile, social, and console platforms." It's buddying up with video game production company Beefy Media, founded by ex-EA and ex-Capcom guys—notably, Adam Boyes, who drove a lot of Capcom's downloadable game releases—to make that happen.


What this all ultimately means is still unknown in terms of actual video games that might be borne of the deal. There are plenty of good properties under TWC's control, which spans movies from Grindhouse to Inglourious Basterds to The King's Speech.

Personally, I'm hoping for a FarmVille-style Hellraiser game, involving the harvesting and creative torturing of souls, all done in the name of serving our dark overlord Leviathan. Let's make HellVille happen, TWC.

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Fernando Jorge

Hellraiser, an Amnesia style horror game where the protagonist is lost in Hell, aimlessly going through a labyrinth where Pinhead uses the protagonists past sins to torture him/her.

The player can't be defeated in the game, instead the player will be exposed to such gruesome torture that he/she will want to avoid it.

There'll be an illusion that you can win the game, but in the end the only choice will be giving your soul to Pinhead because you can't put up with the torture anymore.

Scream, the gameplay will shift between two styles. During the day, it is an investigation game about figuring out who the murderer is, you'll control different characters in each chapter and aside from investigating, you'll also see the world from their perspective.

During the night you'll control the murderer. Your job will be to plot the assassination, terrorize the victim, walk in and kill.

Over the game you might kill a character you were just controlling hours ago or you might conduct investigations with a character that is actually the murder. The game will never reveal who the actual murder is, but by the end of the game it is expected that the player figured out who it is. Then the player will be given a choice, controlling the real murderer during the day to sabotage the investigation and escape or use a character that isn't the murderer to arrest the vilain.


Children of the Corn, a farmville game where you have to not only plant corn but also conduct sacrifices.

Of all of these, the only one that will likely happen is Children of the Corn. The other two will likely be some Dante's Inferno crap where you kill Pinhead and a facebook game for Scream where you have to guess who the real murderer amongst your friends is.