You might have read rumors swirling around the Internet today that suggest the Wii U will be out on November 18.

Multiple gaming websites, such as GameSpot and Eurogamer, have reported on the rumor, which originated at the website Wii U Daily. Wii U Daily says it obtained an e-mail from a Japanese retailer that confirms the release date.


One glance at Wii U Daily should be enough to make you question the website's veracity. The site claims that Rockstar said it would bring Grand Theft Auto V to Wii U in 2013, citing a "financial report" from the Manhattan-based developer. No other website has reported on this "financial report," nor is it available on either Rockstar or parent company Take-Two's websites.

Based on this information, we're skeptical of this website's latest report. Although November 18 certainly sounds like a plausible release date for the Wii U, we're not buying this one without better proof.

We reached out to both Wii U Daily and Nintendo for comment, and will update should either party choose to respond.

Update: Wii U Daily editor Joe Ellis replied to an e-mail from Kotaku, saying they couldn't share the Japanese retailer's e-mail "out of respect to their source." Ellis said a few other sites "have run with" the Grand Theft Auto report, pointing to this story on


However, cites an analyst's report, not the "new financial report from Rockstar" that Wii U Daily cited for its story.

Wii U launch date set for November 18, 2012: Report [Wii U Daily]

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