We're Not Buying New Fast-Spreading Wii U Launch Date Rumor [UPDATE]

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You might have read rumors swirling around the Internet today that suggest the Wii U will be out on November 18.


Multiple gaming websites, such as GameSpot and Eurogamer, have reported on the rumor, which originated at the website Wii U Daily. Wii U Daily says it obtained an e-mail from a Japanese retailer that confirms the release date.

One glance at Wii U Daily should be enough to make you question the website's veracity. The site claims that Rockstar said it would bring Grand Theft Auto V to Wii U in 2013, citing a "financial report" from the Manhattan-based developer. No other website has reported on this "financial report," nor is it available on either Rockstar or parent company Take-Two's websites.


Based on this information, we're skeptical of this website's latest report. Although November 18 certainly sounds like a plausible release date for the Wii U, we're not buying this one without better proof.

We reached out to both Wii U Daily and Nintendo for comment, and will update should either party choose to respond.

Update: Wii U Daily editor Joe Ellis replied to an e-mail from Kotaku, saying they couldn't share the Japanese retailer's e-mail "out of respect to their source." Ellis said a few other sites "have run with" the Grand Theft Auto report, pointing to this story on GamesIndustry.biz.

However, GamesIndustry.biz cites an analyst's report, not the "new financial report from Rockstar" that Wii U Daily cited for its story.


Wii U launch date set for November 18, 2012: Report [Wii U Daily]

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i don't understand the whole issue of power ppl seem to have when last E3 they clearly said it would be a 1080p console witch means it is around 4 times more powerfull to the 360 if it getting darksiders 2 and then we can also ask if the WiiU unit is running at 30 or 60 fps (360 had hugh slowdowns with the first game so the 360 verson is going to be 30 fps) that would make the WiiU atlest 8 times more powerfull atlest out of the gate lanch titles and there is the RAM they say is plenty so that would not hinder the WiiU for porting.

you got the classic controller pro for the wiiu so you can have the same controll as you do on 360.

and then you have nintendo who have worked hard to make porting easy to and from the wiiu for god sake they added the hammer engine to there kit, so if the game is going on PC you can bet your sweet ass it is gonna be on the WiiU

will the next xbox be more powerfull yeah prolly is it gonna cost more and be out later yeah. i think the real strong side of the xbox will be it's multimedia side sens nintendo is not competing in that mannor. if you are a one console home you will prolly get a xbox sens of all it's multimedia stuff while the home with 2 console it will be a xbox and wiiu or a PS4 where the winner is witch consoles unique titles you like more.

last note xbox really needs to step up there console unique titles more Halo 4 dose not excist in my world (master chief died in 3), you got forca motor sport to compete with gran turismo witch is kind of a nitch market and fabel has never lived up to the hype and create a enjoybal deep game. so microsoft needs to step up there unique games if they don't want to get pushed away by the competion