We're Giving Away Hundreds of League of Legends Beta Codes

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For those of you interested in League of Legends, Warcraft III mod turned retail title, we've landed a rather large batch of beta codes.


One catch, unfortunately, they're only good in North America, Riot Games tells us.

If you haven't heard of the game, you should check out Michael Fahey's great write up on how the title came to be. If you have and want to get your hands on the beta you'll have to do a bit of hunting on the site.


Here's the deal. I've scattered the 250 codes over five posts buried within Kotaku. Here's a clue to help you find the posts:

You'll find your codes buried in stories that mention League of Legends' developer.

Once you've found the codes you'll need to go to the official site to use them to sign up.

League of Legends

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I've been signed up for the beta since signups came out. Seen the posts about them 'not having enough testers' and wondered where my invite was. And now, every single one of these codes was taken in less than 10 minutes.

Guess I'll stick to HoN.