We're Giving Away Four Classic Editions of Goldeneye, Want One?

We're giving away classic editions of the North American version of James Bond 007: GoldenEye, which come with a copy of the Wii game and the snazzy golden classic controller, to four lucky readers.


This time around we're asking you to sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win the player. If you've already signed up, you're covered. Once the contest is over, feel free to unsign up from the newsletter.

We're also giving each winner a cheater shirt, because they obviously cheated to win... with a deadly bowler hat.

The winners will be selected on Monday morning, which is also when we'll be announcing our next contest. The prize that time around? Not saying, just that it rhymes with Speckle Drops.


The winners of this contest will not receive their prize until after Nov. 2 when the game comes out.

Happy October!

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