Wendy's Puts Petz In Their Kids Meals

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Fast food restaurant Wendy's and video game publisher Ubisoft have teamed up to create Petz kids meals, delivering Petz-themed toys, games, and coupons to unhealthy children throughout North America.


Starting on March 23rd, Wendy's kids meals will come packaged inside a special bag covered with fun Petz activities, which children will quickly discard in order to get to the toy hidden inside. Each week's meal will contain one of five pieces of Petz merchandise: the Petz Catz PC game, Petz Dogz PC game, a Catz toy balancer ball, a Dogz plush toy, or a Petz-themed card game. I'd say this was the first time a PC game showed up as a children's fast food premium, but I'd probably be wrong. Parents might want to hold onto the bag, as it contains a discount coupon for Ubisoft's Petz Dogz Pack for Nintendo DS or Petz Sports for the Wii.

This marks the first time Ubisoft has teamed up with a major fast food chain to offer such a promotion. While I was personally hoping Splinter Cell would be the first game to get the kids meal treatment (Real Working Garrote!), I suppose this is a start.

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The old Petz games of the late 90's and early 00's were fun and enjoyable. The crap they're calling "Petz" nowadays...is just pathetic.