Wendy's Pac-Man Tag Sounds a Little Familiar

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From now mid-April, Wendy's is serving up kids meals with five separate toys to celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary. One of them is "Pac-Man Tag." Hey ....


Pac-Man Tag involves a set of four clip-on tags to designate three kids as ghosts and one as Pac-Man. Then they run around the yard. That sounds familiar. Crecente created a backyard version of Namco's seminal arcade hit back in 2009, except the kids wore bags on their heads.


Pac-Man Tag joins a bowling game, a board game, and a couple others meant to get parents and kids to play with themselves one another. If that doesn't fire you up, the kids' meal has a discount coupon for "the original PAC-MAN downloadable PC game." Offer's good to April 10 or, as The Man says, while supplies last.

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laser beams

for the first time in over a decade i actually want to visit a Wendy's (why the fuck are their patties square-shaped?!?!?!). oh well- i guess it could be worse. it could be... Arby's *cringes-at-the-thought*