Wendy Williams Has No Regrets About Buying GTA V for Her Son

Today, nationally syndicated daytime talk-show host Wendy Williams talked about our open letter from a retail store veteran who sold too many copies of GTA V to uncaring parents, and admitted that she indeed bought a copy for her 13-year-old son.


Previously, Williams justified buying her 13-year-old son Grand Theft Auto V by saying that all her son’s friends have it, that some of them were as young as eight, and that her son is really mature for his age (All reasons that sound like they could be plucked from the original letter in question).

“There comes a time when kids look like freaks and weirdos when they don’t have if they don’t have or do or participate in certain things” said Williams, as one of her guests groaned audibly.

As a single, childless man who grew up pleading my parents to buy me violent games, I’m in no place to tell anybody how to raise their kids. I will say this though — you should be completely aware of what any game you buy for your kid contains. If you are fine with your kid playing scenes like this (spoiler warning), and you’ve had a thorough discussion about the content of the game with your husband and son, that is your decision to make.

One of Wendy's guests, Tami Roman, called her out — saying that she was undermining other parents, and that while it's great to be the cool kid, sometimes "You're not always gonna have what you want, and that is how I parent. It is what it is."

Also, Wendy, no mention of our site? Throw us a bone! It's pronounced “Ko-Tah-Koo”, if you're having any trouble.


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