WeMade Brings Digimon Online

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The cartoon series that's all about battling monsters in an online virtual world is finally getting an online virtual world, as WeMade Entertainment shows off Digimon Battle, coming soon to a PC near you.


Digimon Battle seems to be the North American version of the Korean Digimon RPG, which was originally scheduled to be released on this side of the pond sometime last year by CDC Games. Now it looks to be coming sometime next month, judging by the date on the trailer below, with Korean MMO developer and service provider WeMade Entertainment handling its operation.

There's a bit of artwork to be found at Digimon Battle's official website, but not much more than that. You can also check out the Wikipedia page on Digimon RPG to get a general idea of what to expect when the game is launched in North America.

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Interesting that they'd base it on Tamers. Though hopefully you get to have your own character/partner instead of having to choose from one the three existing characters.