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Well, What Do You Think of the PS4's Japan Launch Line-Up?

Today in Tokyo, Sony dated the PlayStation 4 for Japan. It also revealed the console's launch lineup for the region. Let's have a look.  


Barring any last minute additions, gamers in Japan can look forward to titles like Watch Dogs, among others—there are 19 in total.


According to 4Gamer, Sony also listed upcoming titles. Games like Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- have 2014 release windows. Other titles, like Deep Down, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and The Evil Within are simply listed as "TBA."

Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are also listed as "TBA," which shouldn't surprise anyone.

Including Watch Dogs (above), here is the current list of launch games for Japan.

Natural Doctrine

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

Tottemo E Mah-Jong (above is the arcade ver.)

Battlefield 4


Strider Hiryu

Dynasty Warriors 8 with Moushouden

Call of Duty Ghosts

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Beta Test)

Yakuza: Ishin

Dream Club Host Girl on Stage

Illustration for article titled Well, What Do You Think of the PS4s Japan Launch Line-Up?

Nikori no Sudoku (above is the PS Vita ver.)





Doki-Doki Universe

Killzone: Shadow Fall

PlayStation 4の国内タイトルラインナップが発表 [4Gamer]

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I pretty much feel the same as I do about the western line-up a resounding "Meh." Only games from the PS4 line-up from either region I'm really interested in are Dynasty Warriors and Infamous. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are going to have to build their libraries before I buy either of them.