Well, The Trailers For Assassin's Creed V (and VI) Look Suitably Silly

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I never ever want to see these things actually happen. But deep down, I know that, if people keep buying Assassin's Creed games, eventually, they will.

Which would suck. Unless they wear helmets like in this Mega64 video. Then it'll be OK.



Assassin's Creed V Trailer [Mega64]

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Arai-the fly on the wall

That's why AC should really REALLY consider dissing the hood.

I know it's a trademark of the series, but for a series that started as social sneaker, having hood in the wrong social context just shows the protagonist much more prominently.

Ratohnhaketon wearing a wolf pelt is a step in right direction for character design, but not another hood on Edward Kenway. If anything he should go with a scarf bandana, tied it up in AC style.