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It’s pretty common for some people to ask for less politics in games. Turns out, that’s not really possible, even if you’re just here to kill some zombies.

This tweet from Naughty Dog creative director and The Last of Us Part II writer Neil Druckmann reaches the heart of the matter. It was in reply to a now deleted tweet asking that he keep“personal politics” out of the game.

Druckmann’s reply is a good reminder that writing is based on personal experiences. Everyone has politics, even the dude who sends Drake on those swashbuckling adventures.

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How can you create art or entertainment without putting a bit of yourself in it?

Do people think that The Iliad isn’t reflective of then current political events and moments? Or that the Lord of The Rings don’t show a piece of Tolkiens feeling about returning home from a war or his environmentalist believes? Or that Star Trek optimistic take on the future isn’t a political statement?

People often mix up politics and party-politics, in my experience especially Americans. To say that politics and entertainment should be separated shows a bad understanding if both.