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Well, Project Eternity Looks Pretty Hot

Illustration for article titled Well, emProject Eternity/em Looks Pretty Hot

This fresh screenshot the devs at Obsidian released for their upcoming RPG Project Eternity is just too damn awesome. Looks like Planescape: Torment mixed with the first dungeon from Baldur's Gate 2. And that's not a bad thing at all!


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I still don't get the magic behind this game. 2 months ago or so, I watched all available videos by the devs and by the end of I still asked myself, and them, "okay, but what about this game is supposed to make me want to play it? Why would I buy this instead of the other 1000 indie games that get released every year?".

There's enough top-down RPGs around that have already built up a reputation as being great, and the graphics of Project Eternity aren't anything particularly special, either.

I don't want to dislike this game, and I don't. But I just can't see it.