We'll Play Duke Nukem Forever Before This Duke 3D Remake Is Done

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The return of Duke Nukem Forever has inspired a flash of Duke Nukem fever in at least one enterprising game maker, who is planning on recreating 1996's Duke Nukem 3D in the Unreal Engine.

Gearbox forumgoer "fresch" has begun drumming up enthusiasm for his homebrewed remake of 3D Realms' first-person shooter, showing in-progress builds of the Duke Nukem 3D remake to fellow Duke fans. Duke Nukem Next-Gen is old-school action recreated "as if the game was made today, on modern technology."


Based on the handful of shots "fresch" has released, it's looking sharp. But are we looking at another Black Mesa: Source, the perpetually in-the-works fan-made makeover for Valve's Half-Life? Maybe.

The man behind Duke Nukem Next-Gen has previously worked on aborted attempts to remake Daikatana (seriously!) and SiN. But "fresch" says he's trying to get the blessing of 3D Realms' Scott Miller and George Broussard and is soliciting fellow Duke enthusiasts who are interested in contributing.

At the very least, these Unreal Engine 3 based screen shots are simply pretty nostalgia to Duke Nukem 3D players.

Duke Nukem - NextGen project [Gearbox Forums - thanks, Morris!]

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And it'll end up being better than DNF by a mile.