You'd think with all the vintage rock and classic films and iconic imagery that Vietnam would be the easiest war to if not make a decent video game out of, then at least capture the essence of the conflict.

But nope. We've had the God-awful pastiche that was Black Ops' attempt. Battlefield tried, but Vietnam rivals 2142 for "most forgotten" game in that hallowed series. The less we say about games like Shellshock the better.

Yet here, out of nowhere, comes a Crysis mod, made by Germans, that looks fantastic. It appears to be only a single mission—and in German, which given the setting is weird—but whatever, that music, that foliage and that lighting looks perfect. If only they hadn't skimped on a few of the models, and actually made Jeeps instead of just re-skinning Humvees.

Having been in development for ages now, Vietcry is now available for download.

Vietcry [Moddb]