Well, Good Luck Not Falling Completely in Love with Okabu After This Trailer

Okabu is a game about happy little clouds and cheery environmentalism. And as you'll have pounded into your head by the above video, it's amazingly cute. Who would expect anything less from a developer named HandCircus, creators of Rolando?


Okabu is coming to the PlayStation 3 this summer as a downloadable game, bringing with it a "hyper-tactile toybox world filled with a huge number of puzzles, playthings, adorable creatures and devious machines spread across an epic co-op campaign."

Read our impressions of the game from this year's Game Developers Conference when you recover from the sweetness of Okabu's latest gameplay trailer.



so animal crossing/ windwaker comes out and its "kiddy, stupid and lame"?

nintendo does it its kiddy and for causual gamers.

sony does it and its hip/cool..

......I give up.

I dont need any explinations why you "think" a is better than b im just making a statement.