It’s not clear why Final Fantasy XV, a game about the power of male friendship and good hair, is getting a multiplayer expansion. But it’s happening, it’s called Comrades, and next week you’ll be able to get a taste of it.

The Comrades DLC, which has no release date yet but will enter a “closed online test” from August 3-8 for anyone who has the Final Fantasy XV season pass, will allow players to create their own avatars and use them to fight, cook, and go on quests.


It sounds like you’ll be able to choose from a bunch of weapons (katanas! clubs! shurikens!) and collect something called meteorshards, which sound suspiciously like an in-game currency. (“Gather meteorshards during quests to expand the scope of available activities or to unlock new quests.”)

We don’t know what the gameplay will look like yet, so for now, here are a few screenshots:

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