Welcome To TMI! Ask Me Anything

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Hello! TMI is a new branch of Kotaku that I'll be running. What is it? Well, it's something of an experiment in disclosure, storytelling, interviewing, and a bunch of other stuff, and I'd like you to join me.


I'm Nathan Grayson, and my hope is to tell you more or less everything that happens to me in this bizarre, oftentimes dysfunctional industry. And I really do mean everything - not just the stuff that drips out in press releases or gets spoonfed to journos by publishers at events. My aim is to read between the lines of those things, to break down all the weird conflicts of interest, probably implicate myself in the process (no one is perfect; definitely not me), and to have you, someone who may well not be in the gaming industry, along for the ride. If you want the pretty version of the gaming industry, probably go elsewhere.

I might be present in my stories more than you're used to relative to other pieces of games-related journalism. I will, from time-to-time, talk about myself in addition to what or whoever I'm writing about. You might enjoy that, you might hate it. My hope, however, is that there's generally a point to all of it. I'm not going to, like, dedicate 1000 words to an artful description of the super great crepe I had for lunch. I'm hoping to accentuate topics, not obfuscate them. My recent #1ReasonToBe piece is a pretty good example.

I'm also hoping to eventually bring in other voices by way of guest spots, interviews, and things of the like. I mean, I'm a white dude in the gaming industry. I'm well aware that mine is very often not the most illuminating viewpoint of a breaking story, controversy, or cultural event.

Oh, and this is Kotaku, so my subjects won't always be games-related. I like the weird, wonderfully vulnerable things people do, futurism, music, weird Internet shit, and being utterly horrified yet fascinated by organizations like the NSA. Also sometimes diseases and the truly depraved and the disgusting frailty of the human body and the slow decline of my own health and mistakes and brokenness and other things that really terrify me. I'll publish silly stuff from time-to-time, but my hope is that it at least interests or entertains you.

The gaming industry is weird. People are weird. I am weird. You are weird. Why hide that? Let's explore it.

Given that this entire thing is an experiment in honesty and disclosure, I figure our best bet is to begin with a tell-all. Ask me anything, and so long as it's not too absurd, off-topic, or impossible for a single person to respond to in a reasonable timeframe, I'll do my best to answer.


Kirk Hamilton

Okay, Mr. "Nathan Grayson." Here's my question: Are you a also a superhero? I've wanted a straight answer on this since I've known you, and now that we're on Kinja you have to tell the truth, because YOU CAN'T LIE TO KINJA.

Also what are some of your favorite games of the last few years?