Now that Wolverine's been fired from the X-Men, there's no real reason to keep his stupid fireworks-making, stuck-in-the-90s, mall-babe-eating-chili-fries sidekick on the payroll. We've been waiting for this one, Jubilee.


In current Marvel comics continuity, Jubilee has become the mother of a rescued infant, the latest in a long line of attempts to give the character some sort of relevance. In the grand tradition of Marvel's mutant books, we've already met the time-displaced grown-up version of the child, not four months after the baby was introduced. X-Men babies (Nathan Summers, Hope Summers) grow up so fast.

Certainly the X-Men can afford a day care service. Goodbye, Jubilee.

Now that we've gotten rid of Jubes (great nickname, not reminiscent of anything), Wolverine, Angel and Gambit, that just leaves Dazzler, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. We're waiting, Pete Holmes.

UPDATE: Oh that's right, I forgot she's a vampire now. That makes it all better (no it doesn't).

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