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Happy Saturday, everyone. Your usual Kotaku weekend editor, Owen Good, has made his exit from this esteemed site, and I, Phil Owen, am not his replacement. I am merely a temporary caretaker, and hopefully I can assist in helping you, dear reader, survive this weekend. So let us drive off this metaphorical cliff in an metaphorical expensive sports car and see what happens, just like Paul Walker and Vin Diesel would.


You've seen my name pop up on Kotaku from time to time, most recently starting a fire over the framerate of The Order: 1886, but also talking depression, Star Wars: The Old Republic or even both at the same time. I'm also prone to appear on VG247, Game Front and Gameranx these days.

Otherwise, the Phil Owen life is like this: the PC is my primary gaming platform; I keep the Fast & Furious movies on a loop at all times; I own a 3D television; I tend to tweet too often; and contrary to popular belief, I really like games.


So get hype, because you're stuck with me for the next 33 hours or so.

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