Welcome Back Space Games. I've Missed You.

My growing years were dominated by space flight games. X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer. It's been a sad, lonely gaming existence without them over the past decade or so, so it's just the best to see the genre making a spirited comeback.

Star Citizen looks great, CCP's EVE shooter is a dream come true and even X Rebirth is pushing my buttons.


Joining the list - though in many ways it started it, since it was announced years ago - is this footage of the new Elite game, Elite: Dangerous.

This footage, of a space battle, looks fantastic! Pity then that it's a glorified mock-up, a pitch project that helped secure the game's composer and also help the artists and designers nail a few things down.

Digging the Battlestar Galactica shaky-cam. Hope that makes the final product.

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All I kept thinking when I saw this was "there is too much sound, aren't they supposed to be in space?". Though I really hope the game is better then the video, while watching I wished for goosebumps but with minor results, compared to Star Citizen which made me like a kid on Xmas with the biggest present ever.